Love The Band Respect The Crew ™

Love The Band Respect The Crew ™

I'm a dude that sells merch, I'm anonymous pretty simple.
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Sometimes your friends come to a show to hang out, sell shirts and do selfies. Photo credit Jval.

I like to call this…

That moment you are at a concert and pull out the phone to take a quick picture of the band on stage

100’s of great new albums out there. Six same songs playing on the radio.

Watching many of my tour and regular friends raising their kids with a ton of love, discipline and respect for others brings me hope. Many of my tour friends are becoming or are parents. Some travel on tour and many work at offices taking care of the day to day operations of the tour they work for. They have many things in common. They’re away from their families for long periods of time. You will noticed that when they are home they are always with their kids doing things, taking them to parks to play with other kids. Socializing kids at a young age and educating them to share with others develops great adults.

We already have a generation of spoiled kids being raise by TV and iPads. So it’s up to us to make sure the future isn’t full of unsympathetic people that only care about themselves. It’s up to us to see what is better fit for our future. Teaching our kids to follow the leader or teaching our kids that sometimes wanting to become a superhero or a ninja isn’t crazy as long as you do it without hurting others.

I take my hat off also to our other half that are at home taking care of the house, kids and everything we leave behind to try to make a better future for them. They’re the true stars making sure our kids don’t grow up to be serial killers, racist, bigots, assholes and everything else we already have a world full of.

P.S Thank you wifey you are my rock. Oh and sorry for the typos and shitty grammar

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Who would you consider more crazy: bands, or fans?
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Amanda Bynes

Venue selfies

One, two, three, four, six, seven, A, B, D H…

Thank @professorplanet for texting me this picture of the @train crew supporting #Lovethebandrespectthecrew


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After 4 years of working my ass off at venues and random production jobs, I have finally got my first tour. It's a short run selling merch and I couldn't be more excited! Do you have any tips for creating an awesome display? I really want to show this band and the merch company that hired me that they've made an awesome choice and display quality has alway been important to me. You rock merch dude!
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Use body forms for the shirts make them nice and tight with rubber bands (works the best) email the merch company they will send you some.

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Last year I scored a volunteer job at a national awards show helping signing the crew in and generally helping out. From the feedback I got shortly after the event was that they where happy with me. I'd love to do it again this year. Any advice?
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Email the person that hired you last time. That’s a good start.


Here it is!!!!! The first ever theMerchdude shirt in HAVANA CUBA, in front of the “Christ of Havana” statue!

Thanks @themattrix_ for sending me this pic!
#AllagesAllRaces #Havana #Cuba #youAreHashtag

This @train selfie is awesome. Specially because right in the front of the stage @mindi949 is wearing a Themerchdude shirt. Regram from @mindi949 photo credit Pat from @train