The GREATER you are the LESS you have to PROVE

The GREATER you are the LESS you have to PROVE

I'm a dude that sells merch, I'm anonymous pretty simple.
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In order to maximize our donation buy this poster for only $6.99 and we will still donate $5 to our friends for @ShirtsforaCure

My friendship doesn’t have conditions!
Funny how kids always say “BE DIFFERENT” yet lose their minds when their favorite band decides to experiment with different music!

I’ve watched, I’ve learned and so should you!

Well the guys for All Time Low always willing to help. Because of them we will extend our $5 donations per shirt sold at to @shirtsforacure another week until August 11th!!!!

Well maybe we can go for one more week if we can get yelyahwilliams to Retweet or Reblog our post. So let’s see if we can do this!

Thanks again everyone that has purchased and or has gotten the word out! Remember guys we are in an industry that has too many takers and we need to help those people like Shirts for a cure who are givers!


Two ladies V neck and the black unisex shirts are now all available at remember we are donating $5 for every shirt sold to @shirtsforacure this whole week.

Thanks again for all your help!

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As most of you know “Shirts for a Cure” had cash robbed from their tent in Virginia Beach. Shirts for a cure is a non profit and donates sales of their items to cancer research. We at want to help them and we will be donating $5 for every shirt we sell from monday July 28th until August 4th.

This includes our old and our 3 new shirt releases that will be available staring Monday. Please help us by getting the word out.

Every person that has told me “Get a real job” has never been able to visit every single state. Most of them have never even left the country. Yet 100% of them wishes they had a job touring!

We have a job that can be fun and not so fun. it can be easy and hard (like every other job). A job that has its ups and downs its pros and cons like every other job. Some get paid very well, some don’t (like every other job) Yet people that don’t understand what we do seem to not know the definition of what real means.

Fly in a private plane to do a show and fly out on another private plane to do another show!
#merchlife #TouringwithRealRockstars

Too many with a sense of entitlement. Few with a sense of pride
Me (Most think they deserve to be and some will do anything to be famous)
If people looked up to philanthropist like they do musicians and celebrities maybe life wouldn’t be so superficial.


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