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I'm a dude that sells merch, I'm anonymous pretty simple.
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This @train selfie is awesome. Specially because right in the front of the stage @mindi949 is wearing a Themerchdude shirt. Regram from @mindi949 photo credit Pat from @train

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Hello! I currently do merchandise management for a smaller act who tour nation-wide. When I took over merch for them, they said they take a more "under-the-table" approach to merch sales and tax. I'd like to learn the proper, business method of handling sales tax, and hope you'd have some pro tips for me. What is the process of ensuring each show's sales tax is paid? Is it paid to the promoter at the end of each night, or do I withhold it and file/pay at the end of the year? Thanks in advance!
themerchdude themerchdude Said:

Hello there, Great question. First off when you are advancing merch for the tour you can ask what is the sale tax in that city and who retain the tax (venue or band)  that way you can make the adjustments on your sales sheet. In most cases it will be the band submitting the tax. Which means you retain the cash and deposit it with the merch sales in the bands account. When you send your show sheets each night you should have recorded the amount of tax and if the venue or band kept it. Some venues keep the tax and submit in your behalf. After that you have done your job its up to accounting (if the band has one he or she will submit the taxes) Your job is to make sure its registered in your paper work. 

Good luck keep on doing the right thing.

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This is the view from behind the stage. The organized craziness was great to watch. My hat goes off to all the crews of all the bands playing Iheart radio. The local crew was on point.

FaceTime is the best time when you are far away!

I really hate to be that guy but…
that guy

They are never too young to help with load in!

Babymerch side stage checking guitar world!

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if you are a fan of the band Queen or a fan of Panic at the disco you may want to listen to this cover of Queen. I have to say this cover is great and if any of the members of queen’s heard this they would have a huge smile on their rockstar faces.

Let those who disagreed see you succeed
me while smiling

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