The GREATER you are the LESS you have to PROVE

The GREATER you are the LESS you have to PROVE

I'm a dude that sells merch, I'm anonymous pretty simple.
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So I recently started touring with a band I had met a few summers ago. They are well established. Which made it easy to say yes plus the scheduled worked out great. I would tour for a few weeks go home for a weeks. This way I could spend some time at home yet make some money.

Touring with their crew was and is great. They are funny, helpful, sarcastic and very close. They made me feel right at home. The band was and is the same. Sarcastic, funny and are very concern with treating their crew like family. Like I had mention before. The band is well establish yet you don’t see the rock-star attitude. The bands super-fans, which i met many (several times) were super nice. NEVER asked for free stuff. Actually some offered me home made goodies. They didn’t ask me to get them to see the band. They were just being nice which I thank you all.

The point is well establish acts (in most cases) have the same crew for years. Why a crew stays around for years? it’s simple they’re treated with respect. Pay helps but I know many crew guys that would rather have a great work environment at a lower pay than dealing with rock-star attitudes for a better pay. Bottom line kids. There are many great bands, with great attitudes that treat their fans and crews well. Bands with talent and great music that also donate to the less fortunate. You as a fan have the power. Never forget that! Bands that treats fans like crap don’t deserve to continue to have a fan base and on the long run they don’t last anyways. Specially when so many talented bands are out there.

This is my opinion and only an opinion.

We should all deal with the fact that everyone has a different taste in music! We should also know that some people have really bad taste in music!
me (learn to laugh)
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I don't want to ask anything, I just want to THANK YOU so much for putting things in the right perspective, you really take things the way they should be taken, you're the right person with the true common sense and are not really afraid of what people think after you tell them for example the truth about how stupid they are etc. hahah. You are more inspiration to me than any band member because they repeat the same phrases over and over again and I'm getting sick of it. THX for being true :)
themerchdude themerchdude Said:

Thanks for the kind words but I love for you to find inspiration with people that help thousands, people that save lives on a daily, people that make others feel better about themselves by listening. Me I am just a dude selling shirts!

I still take the compliment! *robot dance*

Updating my list of people I would kill if I could get away with it.

Three years ago this bundle of joy came into the wifey and my life. He has shown me a lot of great things. He has the weirdest sense of humor ever. Yep, we both laugh at farts together (we do say excuse me)

Sorry I’m not there buddy. We will be celebrating in a few days in that jumpy house! Love you babymerch you have made me a better human.

Our “the ups and downs of music” shirt an anonymous pose! One Panic at the disco and Frank Sinatra walk in a bar…


Thank you @themerchdude for the shirts. 

Things like this make my day. Friends helping friends. Thank The Panic at the disco crew for making this happen.

The @andyglassjaw from We Came as Romans limited edition design is up for sale NOW at or link on the bio.

Oh, the band you loved has changed & you don’t like that?
Please Go on youtube leave a comment on all their videos that should help
Me using the sarcastic font

This is what happens when your son watches a video of wifey (his mom) doing the #alsicebucketchallenge while I’m laughing as I’m video taping her.

Friends and family selfie. happy birthday wifey!!

The ice bucket challenge is a great example of people doing something great to help others. Yet some still finding a way to critique what they’re doing. Please take the time to understand how much awareness it has made. As most of you know if celebrities do it then others will follow. Some say “why not just donate?” well if they wouldn’t have made up the challenged would people be donating as they have been? over one million this weekend alone. So instead of looking for way to criticize this. How about you take the time to understand it? if they do the challenge they donate $10 if they don’t they “have” to donate $100

Hey ladies want to bring your alcohol inside a venue and not get caught? Yep this is for you!

Be different!