The GREATER you are the LESS you have to PROVE

The GREATER you are the LESS you have to PROVE

I'm a dude that sells merch, I'm anonymous pretty simple.
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NEW LIMITED EDITION BLACK ON BLACK #LoveTheBandRespectTheCrew hoodie coming soon!

if you are a fan of the band Queen or a fan of Panic at the disco you may want to listen to this cover of Queen. I have to say this cover is great and if any of the members of queen’s heard this they would have a huge smile on their rockstar faces.

Let those who disagreed see you succeed
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Hello guys, The mystery bundle is here and for only $6.99 you will get a mystery Themerchdude shirt and one other mystery item! Go to order a regular shirt and add a mystery bundle and save yourself some cash! also unlike most mystery bundles you CAN pick the size of the shirt you want.

We are NOT a clothing company!

A little over two years ago we had this funny idea to do this shirt. We have now done over 40 different items at We have gotten the support of fellow crew guys, musicians (famous and start up) concert goers and people from all over the world.

We are in shock of the amount of support we have gotten. We will continue to NOT be a clothing line and NOT take ourselves seriously as we believe that the only thing we should take serious is the quality of our product and the customer service.

Thank you all once again and keep your eyes open for some anniversary items coming soon.

Don’t be a 🍕💩!!!
Can a vegan rapper have a beef with another vegan rapper?

Day two of three 1D. Selling shirts even when I’m not on tour!

It doesn’t matter who you are from a RockStar to someone’s rock. Come and check us out at we take pride in our product and customer service. We are fun, sarcastic and laugh because “We are NOT a clothing line” we don’t take ourselves too seriously and neither should you!

So have fun in life and more importantly support friends with their dreams and they will support you in making yours!

The greater you are the less you have to prove.

If you’re easily offended. Touring might not be for you. Because a great Crew will always be hard on you yet they’ll always have your back!

The Love The Band Respect The Crew LIMITED EDITION club hoodie will be available sometime next month. This will be limited to only 100 hoodies. If you own themerchdude app you will get secret discount code for a special price on release date only!

Support your friends with their dreams and they will remember to support you in yours!
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Yep, my son will hate me for this!

the internet where everyone is a critic but very few have credentials.