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So this band @allaboutabubble sent me this song. I usually don’t open links but the way they asked was very polite and not a demand. So I was “what the hell” I don’t know who they are but if this song is an original song I’m sure it won’t be long until you see these guys everywhere.

Please note that I didn’t do any research on this band, I didn’t google them, didn’t look to see if they were beanie wearing bands. I just liked this song (impossible to fade) they sound like a blend of a few bands that have had hit songs (notice I didn’t say names) that way you guys can decide for yourself if they deserve thumbs up or thumbs down. Please let them know what you think of them. Feel free to leave a comment here because I’m curious as well.

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    Hmm…I can definitely see these guys playing Warped someday. Loving the vibe and tune of the song as well. How about you?...
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    This is one of my favorite bands. Their entire album is fantastic, I highly recommend purchasing it. I hope to see big...
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    I’m actually in one of their YouTube videos!!!
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    i like
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    Two of my very good friends introduced me to this band. One girl is a girlfriend of a member, and they are both his...
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  16. xohanny said: Totally dig it. New fan.
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  19. hurricanehalie said: I definitely enjoy this and would love to go through more of their music.
  20. imasoldieroflife said: interesting, would listen to more- maybe somewhat keep tabs on them
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