Here is @JackAllTimeLow from the band All Time Low on 5 questions with @themerchdude | The GREATER you are the LESS you have to PROVE

The GREATER you are the LESS you have to PROVE

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So @JackAllTimeLow from the band All Time Low took a few minutes of his time while on tour to do this short interview. Bands very rarely have time for themselves so I personally wanted to thank him for doing this.

Here is @Jackalltimelow on 5 questions with @TheMerchDude

1. As a touring musician you’re usually on tour. Your band is known for putting up a great show yet not taking themselves too seriously. What advice would you give bands that use drama to make themselves relevant?

I think that fans are smarter than a lot of bands/artists give them credit for. People can see through a lot of the bullshit and fake acts. Since the beginning (10 years now), we have always made it a mission to act as natural, and genuine as possible. In my opinion it is the best way to carry yourself as a band. These days fans don’t want to see a bunch of rockstars on stage. They want to see a normal bunch of dudes having fun and doing what they love. The more organic the growth of your band is, the longer career you will have. We have nothing to hide, we put it all out there. That’s what the people love!

2.) You guys have done well touring and from what I see on the production side (lights, sound equipment etc). it seems that you guys put money back into the production. How do you feel about having a good production to make a live show even better?

Great question. These days the only way you can make money being in a band, is touring non stop year round. All of our income comes purely from show guarantees and merchandise sales. Having said that, there are TONS of expenses on tour. Out of the money you make from the shows, you have to employee a large crew to make it all happen. For us, our crew varies from 10-15 people depending on the tour. After those expenses you need to figure out how much production (lights and sounds) you want to bring out. We’ve have done so many tours at this point, that we always find it challenging to change your production up so that you’re giving the fans a different live show experience every time they come out. We have an amazing sound guy and an unbelievable lighting designer who make this all happen. A good amount of what bands make on tour (more than you think) goes into the crazy lights we have behind us. And the amount of speakers we bring out. I like to think we do awesome job giving the fans a different show every tour.

3). Every member and crew is in a dessert island with nothing but a pocket knife. Which one of you would be the survivor, the first eaten and which one would get pregnant first?

Zack would be eaten first, he’s the meatiest. I would be the one impregnating everyone. Like a dog that rolls around the party humping everyone’s leg.

4) Most of your crew has been with you for a long time which shows loyalty on both sides (band and the crew) What do you think is the main reason why your band & crew has managed all to stick together, in a business where loyalty is hard to find. Specially during the time when a band is in the studio for many months at a time?

With the amount that we tour, it’s really important to keep the same crew. We are constantly traveling to different countries and different size venues, and having the same crew helps make the shows run seamlessly. Not only from a work stand point but also from a personally side. You are around your crew so much, and it makes touring a lot more fun when you are super close with each other. Our drum tech Grieco went to high school with us. When we graduated we kid napped him, taught him how to drum tech, and he’s been with us for 7 years.

5) Hardest thing about having fans?

There aren’t many hard things about having fans. We also have some of the most loyal and active fans I’ve ever seen. Their online presence is the reason why we are able to have such an awesome world wide presence. I guess the hardest thing is having to deal with some people prying into your private life. But honestly if that’s the worst thing then I’m a very happy man.

If you enjoy All Time Low as a band you will love to know that below is one of the charities they work in order to help others. This band is a class act all around as a band and as humans.

They are currently working with this charity called the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. You can donate here :)

These pictures below were taken by Photographer @elmakias He has one of the best instagrams regarding band photos ever!

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